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Pro Wrestling Ring Ropes include: Not sure what size you need...simply measure from one corner post diagonally to the other corner post. That is the size you need!

  • 3 Steel Cable or Real Ropes (Your Choice, but WE RECOMMEND STEEL CABLE!)
  • Steel Cable Ring Ropes are tested at 14,400lbs, and don't stretch or break!
  • All sizes based on a squared ring size (Outside dimensions, example - 20'x20')
  • taped with (Your choice of the colors)
  • 12- Heavy Duty Vinyl Turnbuckle Pads (Your choice of the colors)
  • 12- 6" X 1/2" Turnbuckles
  • Cable Ties to secure your turnbuckle pads
Steel Cable and Real Ring Ropes

Available Colors

Black, Grey, Orange, Brown, Green,

Red, Yellow, Blue, Navy Blue, White & Burgandy

Our Ring Ropes are built for High Flyin!

Complete Set of Steel Cable Ring Ropes



16' Ring Ropes


18' Ring Ropes


20' Ring Ropes


22' Ring Ropes


24' Ring Ropes