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Super Bouncy Standard and Deluxe Size Inflatable Wrestling/Boxing Ring

Great for birthday parties and for the wrestling/boxing enthusiast! Great for children of ALL AGES!

Note* Only compatible age groups should play at the same time! Recommended usage:

Standard Size = 200lbs. - 240lbs.

Deluxe Size = 240lbs. - 280lbs.

Children 8 & Under
Children 9 to 12
Older teens & Adults

About the Super Bouncy:

  • Complete 13' W x15' D x11' H
  • Sets up in minutes
  • May be used on grass or concrete (Grass recommended, to tie the ring down)
  • Heavy duty material will last for years with proper care
  • Includes a constant Air blower (Strong enough to lift a truck)
  • entrance ramp (steps)
  • Tie down spikes
  • Repair kit
  • Step x Step Setup and Safety Manual

Super Bouncy Inflatable Wrestling Ring Super Bouncy Inflatable Wrestling Ring

Super Bouncy Inflatable

13' W x15' D x11' H

Standard Size

Wrestling/Boxing Ring

$2,995.00 (Plus S&H)


Super Bouncy Inflatable

13' W x15' D x11' H

Deluxe Size

Wrestling/Boxing Ring

$3,295.00 (Plus S&H)


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